Welcome to the #GoOpen National Network

We are educators and leaders across states, districts, and organizations
who support open educational resources (OER) to equitably improve
teaching and learning for all.

Building The #GoOpen National Network

2022 is a landmark year for the #GoOpen Network. We are launching the "refreshed" #GoOpen National Network, to facilitate a collaborative professional association that works to elevate and and broaden participation in K-12 open education nationally.

As described in blog post, A Collaborative Future Through Community Leadership, ISKME and lead partners, Foresight Law + Policy and CAST, are excited to nurture this effort, along with the #GoOpen Steering Committee.

With input from the community, we'll be developing engagement tools and processes. We are creating national policy actions and supporting knowledge sharing to enable all educators and leaders to participate in open education and learn from each other in diverse ways.

To get involved, join the network and follow us on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Allison Shelley EDUimages CC-BY-NC 4.0

Urgency Around Equity and Inclusion As The Driver

The pandemic and related educational disruption experienced by communities the past several years created new urgency for identifying innovative strategies for delivering universal access to digital learning. Open Educational Resources (OER) provide a way to address the shortfall of quality digital educational content. We call on leaders and educators at all levels to consider ways to integrate OER to provide access to high-quality, adaptable, accessible and sustainable digital resources, using open licensing such as Creative Commons, to enable free and equitable access to instructional materials for all learners.

Open educational resources (OER) offer the benefit to increase access to high-quality education opportunities for all.

  • Students have equitable access to up-to-date, relevant, and sustainable content

  • Teachers are empowered to tailor learning materials to student needs

  • Education systems are able to reallocate textbook dollars to other pressing needs

What are OER?
OER are teaching and learning materials in any format that reside in the public domain or are released under an open license that permits and encourages use, re-use, repurposing, adaptation, and redistribution by others. The low cost and free and open licensing of OER make them a solution for expanding access economically, as well as for easing the acquisition and creation of accessible materials for students with disabilities as required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and other civil rights laws.